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Cranky, opinionated Aussie male who loves trivia and stuff that no one else probably cares about except people who read the same websites I do. However I am sensible enough to realise that not everyone agrees with me and I gotta respect that.

Saying Goodbye Hurts …

I got the news today that a friend who I haven’t seen in years committed suicide two days ago.  He was 50 years old – the same age as me, and even though we hadn’t spoken for some time, his … Continue reading

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What Happened? Life’s not a musical ….

As a kid growing up in a small town in central Queensland, Australia; we only had two television channels.  One was the ever reliable Australian Broadcasting Commission – sponsored by the Federal Government and like the Federal Government of the … Continue reading

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Greenpeace adverts

Recently I’ve received a couple of links (via friends) to have a look at Greenpeace adverts targeting banks etc. I’m not a fan of banks by any means but who the fuck do Greenpeace think they are? Telling me not … Continue reading

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